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* Adapt to changes in net-tools.HEADmasterLibravatarKrytarik Raido2018-10-22
* Add various featuresLibravatarWild Man2018-10-09
* Account for partial interface configuration (Fixes #6)LibravatarKrytarik Raido2018-01-10
* Add Netplan support (Closes #5)LibravatarKrytarik Raido2017-12-05
* Take into account deprecation of net-tools.LibravatarKrytarik Raido2017-03-25
* Add helper script: country-code-checkLibravatarKrytarik Raido2017-02-24
* Add modmatches for self-compiled Realtek drivers.LibravatarWild Man2016-07-07
* Mask interface names derived from MAC addresses too.LibravatarKrytarik Raido2016-05-26
* Don't assume any relevant udev rule files are there anymore.LibravatarKrytarik Raido2016-05-24
* Account for predictable network interface names.LibravatarKrytarik Raido2015-09-27
* Mask IPv6 addresses derived from MAC addresses too.LibravatarKrytarik Raido2015-07-14
* Couple of changes.LibravatarKrytarik Raido2015-05-22
* Update README.mdLibravatarUbuntuForumsCouncil2015-05-03
* Adding README file and wireless-info script.LibravatarUbuntuForumsCouncil2015-05-02